Which Food Items Can Damage My Teeth?

There are so many food items that are beneficial for us and most of us know about them. However, there are several food items that we consume every day which can be extremely dangerous for us. Our dentists at Bleu Dentistry have always focused on providing sound dental knowledge to our clients. This blog will do just that and equip you with the idea of food items you should stay far away from.

Food Items that can Damage your Teeth

Worried about harmful microbes causing chaos inside your oral cavity? Well, putting a restriction on these food items along with proper brushing and flossing can give you lifelong benefits. Let us take a look at the worst foods for your teeth.


Love that icy, cold feeling while chewing ice? Ice is extremely bad for your dental health. It could cause serious enamel erosion and ultimately facilitate the way for loose teeth and tooth decay. It can also lead to other emergencies which can diminish your overall health as well. Switch to chilled water to avoid the wear and tear of your teeth.

Coffee and Tea

Caffeinated drinks and beverages are the leading cause of stained teeth. Brown blotches appear on your pearly whites due to increased intake of these drinks and can greatly stain your self-confidence as well. If you love your coffee, you might have to pay for teeth whitening sometime in the future. But if you can moderately balance it out, then you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Citrus Fruits

Many people enjoy their limes and oranges and they are also extremely beneficial for your health. However, the citric acid present in these items can corrode your enamel and lead to dentin hypersensitivity. If you prefer them in your juices then you must use a straw. Also, do not forget to rinse your mouth after consuming these acidic edibles. The water acts as a buffer and helps to wash away the acid. 


Sugar can be your worst enemy if consumed in large amounts. Harmful microbes feed on the sugar and produce acid which leads to tooth decay. The effect of sugar on your teeth can be increasingly worrisome. You must decrease your sugar consumption if you want to avoid rushing to the dentist.


Did you know that bread could damage your teeth? Well, when you chew bread your saliva breaks down the starch present in it. This sticky starch can stick on your teeth and accumulate in inaccessible areas. This can lead to dental cavities and create oral health complications in the future. It is best to stick to whole wheat versions of bread as it contains less sugar.

Carbonated Drinks

Fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar and are extremely bad for your health. Do you want to sift to sugar-free substitutes? Well, the acids they contain can wear away your enamel and create more issues. If you cannot do without sodas, then you must take them with your meal. This will stimulate saliva production and neutralize the acid.

Alcoholic Beverages

We all know how harmful alcohol can be for your teeth. It can lead to tooth discoloration and also diminish saliva production. Less saliva production is one of the causes of bad breath and increasing plaque formation. Consuming alcohol on the other hand can make you susceptible to several risks.

We hope this blog has provided you with adequate information regarding the food items you need to avoid. If you are looking for the best dental care services in Dallas, TX then book an appointment with us today.