Are you embarrassed with yellow stains on your teeth? Wish to wear a picture-perfect smile? Then Teeth Whitening can be a magical solution for you!
This method eliminates any discoloration of teeth with the help of a chemical agent. The chemical in fact breaks down stain releasing chromogens on the surface of your teeth.
With Professional Teeth Whitening, your teeth can be bleached in the office or also at home. This gives fantastic results in a very small span of time. Thus, it’s the most famous cosmetic dental practice all around the globe today

Are you a candidate for Professional Whitening?

Professional whitening is ideal for you if you have-

Bleaching methods are perfect for patients without previous work done to front teeth.

What to Expect at the Dentist’s office?

When you go for an in-office whitening treatment, your dentist performs under minutely monitored conditions. This promotes the use of a comparatively high concentration of bleaching gel which is –

And you can witness amazing results in no time! Your dentist may take almost 60 to 90 minutes to complete the whole process.

Check out the benefits!

Discolored teeth can make you feel self-conscious. Professional tooth whitening renders you a dazzling smile and also upgrades your self-confidence in no time. This is one of the best cosmetic benefits.

When your Cosmetic Dentist cleans your teeth stains, it –

  1. a)  Regains the health and strength of your teeth
  2. b)  Minimizes the birth of cavities and gum issues

Frankly speaking, when you use bleaching kits, it often causes teeth sensitivity and spoils the teeth’ enamel. But with Professional treatments, you’ll face no such risks or sensitivity.

Professional tooth whitening is personalized as per your requirements. It renders you the exact amount of whitening you desire. And also in the sites that you need the most!

Your Cosmetic Dentist can brighten your teeth shade in a single, one-hour appointment. And on top of that, the results are marvelous and long-lasting. The Dentist carefully monitors the process and adjusts the concentration of the whitening agent.

With this cosmetic technique, you can reap life-changing benefits at an affordable rate given the advantages it brings!

How to protect your Teeth from Stains?

Stay away from foods like red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and dark-colored sauces. They are the villains of tooth staining. Quit smoking as this can also be one of the primary reasons. When you implement healthy oral habits it can help prevent stains.
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