What Are The Things Your Dentist Wants You To Avoid Putting In Mouth

things to avoid putting in mouth

If you’ve ever used your mouth to hold small objects or to tear out packages when your hands are preoccupied, you’re not alone. But dentists recommend people to drop this bad habit. 

Things to avoid putting in your mouth


About 40% of Americans bite their fingernails, & it is true. Many people have the habit of biting their fingernails when they are nervous. Others say it’s a suitable way to correct an irregular nail. In any case, nail-biting is an unhealthy habit because dirt and bacteria may be creeping underneath the edges of the nail. It also can tear down tooth edges or cut the enamel.

Hard Candy

Chewing or sucking on hard candies can harm your oral health. Candy is full of sugars that stick to tooth surfaces and ultimately cause tooth decay. And munching on hard candies can break tooth enamel and cut gum tissue, causing pain directly leading to an infection. 

Dentist always suggests tips to follow a basic dental care routine at your home.


Smoking cigarettes and tobacco products can spoil & stain your teeth and cause bad breath. They also raise the risk of growing gum disease and oral cancer. Not only oral health, smoking cigarettes harm your overall health.


When your hands are full of bags, you think it is okay to hold the car key between your lips, & from that is where the bacteria enter your mouth. Car keys contain lots of germs and bacteria that can cause you suffering. And if you accidentally bite down on the key, there are possibilities you might break a tooth.

Pencil Or Pen

While working on a writing project or taking notes, it’s tempting to put the pencil or pen in your mouth and munch on the top while in deep thinking. Mostly kids & teenagers are used to this bad habit. Dentists say it contains particles and germs that could make you sick.

Lemons Or Limes

Adding a slice of lemon to your drink can improve the taste but avoid sucking on them. The acid in citrus can harm your tooth enamel badly. After consuming acidic fruits, swish water in your mouth to dilute the acid. And because it eases enamel, brush your teeth after 30 minutes.


Chewing ice cubes or chips is a common habit that dentists urge people to avoid. Crunching ice can wear or crack your tooth enamel. Instead of chewing, you can sip on an icy-cold drink using a straw to keep away from the enticement to munch on the ice.

Lids & Bottle Tops

When you can’t open a bottle or container, you think it is easy to try to press it & open it with your teeth. But, it’s also easy to crack or break a tooth while opening a lid using your mouth. Instead, carry a bottle opener with you or ask someone with a tight grip to open the bottle lid for you. 

If you want to learn more about these habits and ways to get rid of them. We offer many dental services like preventative dental care to understand your oral health.

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