Uses Of Lasers In Gum and Periodontal Diseases

lasers uses in gum diseases

Lasers are a cutting-edge technique for treating a wide range of illnesses in a wide range of medical professions. Depending on the application, they emit magnified light, which may be used to remove, alter, or heal tissues. Lasers are used for various surgical, and dental treatments, such as eliminating overgrowth tissues, whitening teeth, and changing the shape of the gums.

What is Periodontal Disease, and how might lasers help you?

Periodontal disease, often known as gum disease, is a dental infection that affects the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and the jaw bone. The use of cigarettes, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, medicines, and heredity are all factors that can contribute to the development of gum disease in certain patients. Gum disease is typically treated by scaling and root planing, which thoroughly cleans the surfaces of the teeth and the roots of the teeth.

Our Dentist uses laser treatment to preserve and repair tissue and aid patients in enhancing gingival health. The laser may be directed at the affected root, killing any dying or infected tissue in the process once the tissue has been removed. We can clean the source without scraping and ensure that the pulp is clear of germs. After that, we may use the laser to construct a seal around the tooth root to keep it safe.

Because of the efficacy of laser therapy, no healthy tissue is lost throughout the procedure. Lasers also activate stem cells, causing them to divide and divide again, resulting in new connective bone, tissues, and collagen. Any ligaments or bones that have been lost surrounding the tooth can regenerate and recover.

Important Features of Lasers

In today’s dentistry, lasers are a valuable asset that benefits patients while treating infection and illness. Some benefits of Lasers are as follows:

Limited bleeding

By eradicating any dangerous bacteria, lasers can help minimize bleeding and gum swelling, and they can even help reduce the need for gum surgery.

Patient comfort

We can customize the strength of the laser to meet the needs of each patient.

Because lasers are less intrusive to your oral anatomy than traditional surgery, recovery is more rapid when compared to conventional surgery.

Maintain the integrity of your tissues

Because lasers are highly accurate, only dead and contaminated tissue will be removed, while healthy tissue will be left unaffected. Treatment with lasers is sterile, which means that patients are at a lesser risk of infection due to the procedure.

Need Periodontal Treatment for Your Gums in Dallas

If you have bleeding or swollen, you may be suffering from a bacterial infection. Contact Bleu Dentistry in Dallas now to make an appointment with our periodontist for a dental check-up. Our laser therapy will eliminate the illness without causing any discomfort.