laser dentistry

What is Laser Therapy in dentistry? If you’ve never come across this innovative type of dental care, now is the time to learn! If the drilling sound at the dentist makes you a little tense, then dental laser treatment might be apt for you! It is used to get relief from headaches, pain, and inflammation.

Types of Lasers Used in the Dental Industry       

  1. Lengthening crowns
  2. Dealing with limited tongue movement
  3. Reshaping your gums
  4. Removing folds in oral soft tissues caused by dentures.

 What Laser Dentistry Can Treat


 How does Laser Therapy work in Periodontal Cases?

 The Dentist uses a dental laser to access and eliminate inflamed gum tissue. Now, as the root gets exposed, the root scaling starts. The dentist then smoothens the root with instruments to eliminate any rough spots. Because that might attract bacteria and cause future infections! The site between the gum and the root can then regenerate during your healing procedure.

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Prevention-Still the Perfect Treatment!

 Taking proper care of your teeth might mean that you never have to undergo dental laser treatment. Implement good oral habits and visit your dentist regularly to avoid dental issues.