All About Swollen Gums And Braces

gums and braces

A peek in the mirror when wearing braces reveals that your gums are red, irritated, and swollen because of the procedure. What is normal during orthodontic treatment, or is it a symptom of an oral health problem? Our orthodontists are here to answer any questions concerning braces and gums. We hope this information will put your mind at ease and help you evaluate what’s normal and what isn’t.

Gum Swelling And Braces

Gum irritation or gingivitis may be caused by many factors, including braces on the teeth. Braces-induced gum swelling can be caused partly by food, which is also a common cause of the condition. Our orthodontists in Dallas, TX will make your smile more beautiful and will help you to remove deep bites, cross bites, etc.

When it comes to braces-induced gum swelling, what does nutrition have to do with it? Imagine not having to wear braces to eat. Food naturally scrapes against the teeth and gums on the exterior when you eat. When you brush your teeth, you should gently massage your gums, stimulating them and preventing them from swelling up. Braces and wires prevent any food from coming into contact with the gums. Therefore this natural stimulation is eliminated. During orthodontic treatment, they will swell up on their own if you don’t brush your gums.

To avoid this, carefully massage the gums and the teeth between the braces and the gums with your toothbrush. Keep your gums from swelling and help prevent cavities from forming between the braces and the gums, which is where they are most likely to appear.

Irritation from Braces

Braces’ metal parts might hurt the gums and cheeks. You may have pain during the first few weeks of therapy since your mouth isn’t accustomed to having brackets and wires in it so that they may push against your soft tissues.

As your body becomes used to your new gadget, your soft tissues will begin to toughen up. This implies that the discomfort caused by braces is short-lived and usually subsides within a few weeks of starting treatment. If inflamed, swollen gums disappear after adjusting your braces, they aren’t indicative of a more significant condition.

Your Braces Are Clogged With Food Particles.

Food might become caught in the brackets and wires of your braces. Swollen, inflammatory gums may result from food trapped in your braces, between your teeth, or beneath your gum line (popcorn seeds are renowned for this!). All redness and swelling should go away after the meal is removed.

Bad Breath

Braces collect food particles and provide additional hiding spots for germs and plaque. Maintaining good oral hygiene while wearing braces is essential to removing plaque and keeping your gums healthy. Gum disease is more likely to develop if you have poor oral hygiene and don’t remove plaque from your gumline regularly while undergoing therapy.

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