7 Interesting Facts About Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacement teeth for your lost teeth, that are made of titanium and are implanted right into your jawbones. But how do they work like your natural teeth? Are they safe? How strong are they and how long do they last? To answer these questions, here are amazing facts about dental implants that you probably didn’t know!

1. They are bio-compatible

Dental implants are bio-compatible. This means that once they are implanted, the roots of these implants heal around the surrounding bones and tissues, making them a permanent part of you! They are not known to cause any side effects and rather, give you a stronger tooth, which brings us to the next fact:

2. They are stronger than your natural teeth

Dental implants are made of titanium, which is one of the strongest materials known to mankind! Imagine them having been implanted in your jawbone and fusing there completely. It creates a great deal of a strong foundation for the crown above, giving you a harder bite force!

3. Dental implants can actually improve your oral health

Dental implants can largely improve your oral health. This is because titanium does not get cavities, and neither are they prone to decay. Thus, once you’ve had a bad tooth replaced with a dental implant, you’ll never have to worry about it getting cavities or decayed!

To add to that, they even protect the surrounding teeth and gum tissues from cavities and infection. Thus, they pretty much improve your oral health significantly.

4. They may last forever!

Titanium dental implants are proven to last for over 30 decades, with proper care. This means that if you’re over 35, chances are that you may have them implanted in your jawbone forever!

Obviously, as you grow old, the jawbone recedes, rendering your teeth loose and that’s when you may lose your implant. However, it is highly likely that your titanium dental implant could be the last one of your teeth to come off! This owes to their immense strength and how firmly they’re implanted.

5. They’re totally safe

So, here’s something you wanted to be assured with above all- dental implants are totally safe! They have a success rate of over 95%, as per IDIA. There are only rare occurrences of dental implants leading to minor complications, but none of them are in the recent past. According to Authority Dental,

Dentists have been using dental implants for a long time, and the technology has advanced quite a bit. Implants are now very sophisticated devices placed by heavily trained professionals. As of right now, it’s one of the strongest and most reliable ways to replace missing teeth.

Furthermore, these days you’d be having to go through a medical check-up to see if you’re fit enough to get a dental implant.

6. If you want to look better, Zirconia is what you should choose

Zirconia implants have a ceramic nature. The white color on the surface of these implants resembles a beautifully white tooth. Although a little more expensive than titanium implants, they are more aesthetic. However, they have a few disadvantages when compared to titanium implants, for strength, control over the implant’s adjustment and positioning and durability. This is the reason why dentists still recommend titanium implants over zirconia implants.

7. You can still get dental implants if you do not have enough jawbone 

Even if your jawbone has receded to a point where it can no longer support an implant, you can still get a dental implant. This requires a surgical technique called subperiosteal surgery. In this, a metal framework is placed under your gums and above your jawbone. The titanium implant simply attaches itself to the metal framework. Thus, the metal framework merely works as your jawbone to support the implant.

Now that you know the facts, wouldn’t you choose dental implants if you were to lose a tooth?

Are Dental Implants Right For Me?

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so if you are missing teeth, you might not feel confident enough to laugh or smile. In addition to affecting your self-image, missing teeth can impact the functionality of your mouth, affecting how you eat, and even reducing your overall quality of life. There is no reason why anyone should have to deal with the embarrassment or difficulties associated with missing teeth, given the solutions that are available. At Bleu Dentistry, our dentist office in Dallas provides dental implants, which work wonders for patients, imbuing them with the confidence they need and the ability to eat hard foods without worrying about missing teeth.

Immediate Improvements

Of course, one of the first things that prompt most individuals to receive dental implants is the prospect of restoring a smile that is marred by missing or failing teeth. Dental implants provide a lifelong solution that can help anyone achieve this and, moreover, make it more comfortable to engage in the day-to-day activities that most take for granted, including eating, drinking, flossing, and brushing. That is because, unlike dentures, dental implants feel like your own natural teeth and are completely permanent.

Protect Facial Structure

Dental implants do more than simply give individuals the confidence to smile and bare a full set of teeth, they also protect one’s appearance in the long-term, preventing deterioration that can cause a person to look decades older. When teeth are missing, the jawbone will begin to rapidly dissolve since it is no longer necessary to support the teeth that are absent. This deterioration affects a person’s facial structure, causing the lips to fold in and the lower portion of the face to wrinkle and age faster. As you can see, dental implants will not only improve a person’s appearance in the immediate aftermath of receiving them, they will also protect one’s facial structure and prevent jawbone deterioration.

Keeping the Rest of Your Teeth Healthy

There are other methods available for tooth replacement besides dental implants, but unfortunately, many of these involve techniques that compromise or damage the surrounding teeth. For example, traditional tooth replacements might require the teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth to be ground down, allowing a bridge to be cemented onto them and into place. Doing so not only damages perfectly healthy teeth, it also irreversibly affects the natural tooth structure. Dental implants, on the other hand, give individuals the opportunity to keep as many natural teeth as possible.

Dental Implants in Dallas

Instead of trying to cope with your missing teeth, take a simple step toward restoring your smile and turn to Bleu Dentistry in Dallas to learn more about the benefits dental implants can provide. This procedure is commonly performed in our dentist office and, while it requires more than one office visit, patients are able to carry on without any interruption to their everyday lives, ultimately leaving with a new and healthy smile they can have confidence in.

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