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Restore Your Confidence with Dental Implants

Losing your teeth can be challenging. You must cope with losing a core part of your smile but also, you may suffer physically by not being able to talk or eat the way that you used to. While dentures are an option for some patients, they can be really uncomfortable or become an annoyance while eating or talking.

Dental implants are the latest technology in restoring lost teeth. Rather than wearing a full or partial denture temporarily, the dental implants are teeth that are secured into your mouth permanently using small titanium posts. You will be able to smile, eat, talk, brush, and floss like you did when you had a full set of teeth and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

You should never have to suffer because of a lost tooth. We can help restore your smile.

Contact us today at (214) 273-0337 for an appointment to discuss if you are a good candidate for dental implants in Dallas.

Rediscover Your Smile

Dental implants have worked wonders for millions of patients across the world. Imagine the comfort and confidence you will feel the first time you are able to eat hard food without worrying about your missing teeth!

Dental implants are a common procedure done in our Dallas dentist office, but it must be done in two main steps.

The phases of getting a dental implant procedure done are:

  • Phase one - titanium posts are embedded into your jawbone where the roots of your teeth used to be. Your mouth needs time to heal after this, so you will leave the office with the implants below the gum surface and return after about three months.
  • Phase two - you return to the dental office and get custom-made bridgework, dentures, or crowns mounted to the titanium posts.

While the steps may sound intimidating, most patients have no interruption to their day-to-day lives, besides the visits to the dental office to get the procedure done. Once the implants are mounted, your teeth are permanently fixed to your mouth, so you will be able to chew, floss, and brush your teeth with ease.

To see if you are a good candidate for dental implants in Dallas, call our office to set up a consultation at (214) 273-0337. You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have and get a full dental examination from our dentist before you make any commitment.

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