Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges in Dallas TX

Restore Your Teeth to Release Your Smile

Crowns and bridges are dental prosthetics that are cemented into your mouth onto your existing teeth. If you are missing a tooth, or if you have a damaged tooth that cannot be filled, a crown or a bridge may be the right option for you.

When your mouth feels good, you will feel more confident and smile more often. Replacing your missing or damaged teeth with a bridge or crown is a great start to creating a better smile.

To discuss your Dallas crown and bridge options, contact our dental group at (214) 273-0337. We will answer any questions you have and discuss financing options for your dental work.

Differences Between Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are similar in the way that they are applied, but both have very different functions. When a crown or bridge is applied, the tooth must be prepared by reducing the size of the tooth and taking a mold of your mouth. Both crowns and bridges are fitted to your mouth and cemented in permanently. Most of the time, crowns and bridges stay in your mouth for the rest of your life without issue.

The differences between a crown and a bridge are:

  • Crowns- crowns are made to completely cover a single tooth or implant. A person usually gets a crown because of a damaged or weakened tooth, but it is sometimes the best option after a root canal or other oral surgery. Crowns can be made to match your own teeth, so they are virtually undetectable by other people.
  • Bridges - bridges are usually recommended for people who are missing one or two teeth. They are applied similarly to a crown because the surrounding teeth must have a crown put on them. The bridge is the piece that spans the space between the two existing teeth. Bridges can also be made to match your own teeth so that nobody else notices that you have a missing tooth.

State-of-the-Art Dental Care in Dallas

Our dental facility is full of friendly, caring staff who want to help you release your smile. We are a boutique-style office, offering you the best technology and comfort in modern dentistry. Your smile is important to us, and we will work to make sure that you feel happy enough to smile in our office each and every time you visit.

Set up an appointment with our dentist today by calling us at (214) 273-0337. We look forward to helping you release your smile with crowns and bridges in Dallas.

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