brushing mistakes

A radiant smile is one of our most captivating traits that can grab eyeballs. But what can spoil your teeth and your amazing smile? Poor oral practices! Yes, you heard that right! Brushing is a vital activity of our oral care regime. And guess what? There are so many mistakes that we unknowingly make while brushing our teeth.

Common brushing mistakes you should definitely avoid:

Always get yourself a soft-bristled toothbrush. You must note that the size of the brush’s head is too vital. Your toothbrush must fit easily inside your mouth. It needs to reach all your teeth and gum areas as well. 

It’s very essential to switch your toothbrush after every 3 to 4 months or when you find that the bristles have started to fray or break. Also, purchase a new toothbrush after you heal from a cold or the flu.

Do not put your toothbrush when it’s wet in an enclosed place, for example, a drawer or cabinet. Let it rest in a vertical position and allow it to air dry.

Never ever brush your teeth way too hard. Always brush gently, specifically where your gums and teeth meet. Always begin from your gum line and then move up and down in tiny round motions. Don’t ever scrub. Make sure that you use toothpaste that has fluoride!

When you rush with your brushing routine, all of your teeth won’t get properly cleaned. Brush your teeth on a daily basis for a minimum of two minutes! Also, don’t brush plenty of times! It can simply wear down your tooth enamel and destroy your gums.

Do you know that your gum line can house plenty of bacteria and plaque as well? Make sure that your brush is bent at a 45-degree angle while you brush so that it lets the bristles reach your gum line too. Then gently clean it in round motions. 

After you take your meals, just wait for an hour and then only brush. Brushing your teeth right after eating can wear down the enamel layer of the teeth. 

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